Trip planning and logistics info

Planning trips for people individually takes up time that I don’t always have readily available and is not a service I provide at this time.

You can find free trip-planning information online using the information I previously posted:

    • For all areas, including Utah, the free  is a thorough resource with maps, GPX downloads, trail descriptions, and logistic info. It’s a free AllTrails!
    • …and Dark Site Finder will help show you which of these sites ends up more off the beaten path.
    • Finally, I haven’t a clue when it comes to specific lodging options outside of our tent, the back of our truck, and the very occasional backcountry hut.. 🙂  Renting Air BnB cabins or knowing about a quaint bed and breakfast next to a lake or hiking trails is well outside my outdoor knowledge base. A more travel-oriented site like Trip Advisor forums can answer these questions efficiently.

With these tips and resources, you can plan a great trip.

Happy Trails!