Trip planning and logistic consulting

SHORT VERSION: If you are writing for me to plan your hiking vacation, I am happy to spend an hour of my time or more working with you for a fee (my busy schedule permitting). Otherwise, see the free planning resources below. 

Over the past few years, I have been receiving, quite often,  multiple inquiries a day from people to essentially plan out their hiking vacation…and often with many details requested from me.

These emails go beyond the sending a simple link or two and take up a fair amount of time to research, write and clarify.

I’d like to think my experience, advice, ideas, knowledge and time are valuable. Based on the volume of inquiries I receive, I suspect other people may feel the same.

Going forward, I will be offering these services for a fee of $75 for up to one hour of trip consultation with $30 for each additional half hour. Most trip planning can be done within the hour for a typical 5 day/ fifty-mile trip.

Be it through email, a phone consult or a combination of both,  some of the possible information I can assist with includes:

  • Help plan the route
  • Offer advice on current and possible future trail conditions
  • Help decide appropriate gear
  • Offer assistance with picking an appropriate campsite
  • Give advice on what maps to bring
  • Help point people to possible shuttles and similar logistic information
  • Give information on what permits may be needed and how to obtain them
  • Other red tape info as applicable (camping restrictions, bear canisters needed, etc)
  • Possible side trips (be they outdoors or cultural in nature)
  • And so on…

These are all questions I’ve answered numerous times over the years and seems to be information in demand from many people

Please note, this trip planning  service is dependent upon my own, very busy, personal schedule. It is a service I can offer when  available. 

As a reminder, much of this type of information is found freely available online using information I previously posted:

  • ..and Dark Site Finder will help show you which of these sites is more off the beaten path.

I realize not everyone has the time and inclination to consolidate this information on their own.  There are niches for auto repair, IT consulting and computer repairs, tax preparation and so on for similar reasons.

For those who wish to have someone do their trip planning for them, for a modest fee I will fill that niche. This fee does not include arranging and procuring the resources needed for your trip. The services provided are for information only.

If this service is of interest to you, please feel free to Contact Me and I will provide additional information as appropriate.

Happy Trails!