Website of the Week – SummitPost

Website of the week: A great site for any initial trip planning.

When planning trips, my tools include maps, a Benchmark atlas or  the Gazeteer to get an overview of the area and searching Da Google for more information.

Invariably, my searching leads me to SummitPost.

More than just information for hiking peaks, SummitPost has great info for BLM lands, wilderness areas, national parks and so on.

I’ve  used SummitPost to help plan for a trip Dominguez Canyon recently and numerous other trips  over the years.

For specific area (like peaks), there are often maps you can print out.

Similar to other open source-type projects, the information is user submitted and often very current.

The database is extensive covering countless areas just not in the Unites States but throughout the world.  You never know when you may want to take a little jaunt on K2.  😉

For your initial planning of a trip to an area, Summitpost is a great first place to check out.


Website of the Week is something new I am starting. A brief blurb about some favorite websites I’ve used for trip planning, reading, reviews or just whatever I’ve liked! :D

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