La Sals camping

Not every weekend Joan and I spend together needs to be somewhere remote, obscure, and rugged to access.

Sometimes, we want the simple pleasure of a good meal at night, some banana pancakes in the morning, cool mountain nights, hiking from camp, and scenery away from the desert heat and crowds.

We loaded the truck, drove an hour to a suitable place in the La Sal mountains, and relaxed.

Two nights of quiet and relaxation above the desert floor.

There’s still snow up high, but it is melting rapidly.

Soon, we’ll make our way to the tops of these mountains and walk the ridges full of alpine flowers, vistas, and tarns.

For now, we’ll pull up a camp chair, enjoy a drink, and a good book, and look at the summits from a couple of thousand or so feet below …

…while being above the desert still.


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Dony Erwin
Dony Erwin
1 month ago

There’s nothing like escaping the summer heat and heading up to higher elevations to decompress and return to the simple joys of watching the wind blow through the lodge pole pines, swinging in a hammock under twinkling stars, savoring morning coffee and a hearty breakfast, enjoying that book you’ve been too busy to read, and hiking up to alpine lakes and summits above tree line. In fact, Paul, it was because of you that I decided to escape the mid august Kentucky heat and humidity and drive to Colorado to hike the “double pass loop” several years ago, which you… Read more »