Gear review: Topo Terraventure 4 Trail-Running Shoes

Back in January, I reviewed the Topo Ultraventure 3 shoes.

I found them an all-around shoe for my Colorado Plateau jaunts.

But I did find myself intrigued by the Topo Terraventure 4.

With the rock plate, a bit more aggressive tread, and the slightly lower price, it seemed a shoe aimed less at trail running and more at fast trail hiking in rugged and mixed terrain.


I’ve been using these shoes for the past three months, and once I wear out my new pair of Ultraventure 3s, I’ll choose the Terraventures.

From Joan

The techie specs

From Topo, because I’m lazy –

  • Stack Height:25mm (heel) // 22mm (forefoot)
  • Heel to Toe Drop:3MM
  • Weight:10.1 oz (M9)

What does this mean?

It’s a wider-toe box shoe that feels responsive in designated and non-designated trail conditions, has a good grip when scrambling, and is very light when venturing onto maintained trails.

It’s technically a trail running shoe, but I think it’s best suited for ultra runners going slower over rugged terrain or hikers moving along at a good clip all day with a pack in rugged conditions.

From Joan

Terraventures vs. Ultraventures

Of course, my main interest is comparing a shoe I liked with a new potential favorite.

The Terraventures have a more aggressive sole, feel a touch stiffer, and aren’t quite as wide. They are also an ounce lighter and $15 less expensive than the Ultraventure.

I forgot to take a photo when they were brand new, but even packed out after three months of use (on the right), the Terraventure shoes still show a more aggressive shoe than the Ultraventures on the left.

The Ultraventures have a more extensive profile and feel more cushioned as well.

The Terraventures also are a touch narrower, but still wider than most, toebox vs. the Ultraventures.

In the field

In short, it’s the shoe equivalent of my ULA Circuit. Meaning it does a bit of everything and does it well.

On trail? Indeed.

Scrambling up to the canyon rim? Check.

Going through the talus and scree? Yep.

I loved how the shoes took a beating, kept on gripping, andd felt nimble in mixed hiking conditions. The mesh helped keep the sand and prickers out, and my feet did not overheat.

From Joan

After about three months of abuse, they packed out before they wore out, with only minimal tears on the uppers or delamination of the toe box.


I immensely enjoyed using these shoes over the months, and they feel a bit closer to the Salomon X Ultra 3s I used for a few years and maybe even the legendary Montrail Hardrocks of the past.

I’ve been extremely pleased with the Ultraventure 3s but love the Terraventure 4s.

I think I’ll purchase them exclusively from now on, and I look forward to many more days in the desert, mountains, canyons, and wherever else my feet will take me.

Works well for packrafting, too. PCO Joan.

Disclosure – I paid for these shoes with my funds.

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