Thru-Hikes, Long Walks, or Routes

Though I’ve logged more miles and days in the backcountry on foot, skis, or performing trail work, (and arguably learned more outdoor skills) than my thru-hikes in total, there is no denying that people seem to love the metrics of thru-hiking.

An easy, if sometimes inaccurate, criteria that gives “trail cred” and a topic I’ve discussed in previous articles.

I don’t miss the Dilbert world.

But, I’ll also admit that my longer journeys on foot are incredibly memorable and rewarding.

Something about exploring the wild places on foot one step after another is among my life’s highlights.

So, here is my “alphabet soup” resume for the curious. For simplicity’s sake, I defined a thru-hike as a set route with a specific name that is known to many people. If people believe it to be a thru-hike, and it is named than I guess it is a thru-hike? 🙂