Who is Paul Mags?

Just who is this Paul Magnanti fella ?????

If you actually bothered to click on this link, I guess you really want to know about me for some odd reason.

The name is Paul Magnanti. Paul Mags or just Mags for short. Mags is a family nickname that goes back to at least my grandfather. Having an unusual last name of Italian origin leaves many English speakers stumped. Easier to say “Mags” than trying to pronounce the last name. (In Italian, the name is pronounced Mon-nyan-tee, like lasagna. “Americanized,” we pronounce it Mag-nan-tee. Rhymes with bag-fan-tea).

I am a Rhode Island native; which leaves me with a fondness for Del’s Lemonade , Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee, some very-bad-for-you-but oh-so-good weinersclam cakes and “chowda.” In addition, I insist that Disney World is in a state called “Flah-ra-dah.”

In the Abajos (Blue Mountains) post-trip.

One year to the day after finishing my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, I moved to Colorado.

For nearly twenty years, I called Boulder, CO home. This town is situated at the very edge of Rocky Mountain foothills. Within an hour of Boulder are Rocky Mountain National Park, the Indian Peaks, and many other places for outdoor pursuits. I also enjoyed coffee in one of Boulder’s nearly one-million coffee shops.

In the Fall of 2018, I moved to Moab, UT. A move I did not initially plan, but an opportunity came up, and the canyon country called!

The outdoors is my passion. Hiking and backpacking, in particular, are my first outdoor loves. Love the simplicity, the journey on foot, the personal challenges, and how the intensity of physical activity seems to make everything that much more beautiful.

Though I have hiked the Triple Crown of hiking (AT, PCT, CDT), and some other longer trails, my real love is to be out as much as possible.

In addition to hiking,  I have become passionate about ski touring as well. When I can’t hike, I’ll tour on skis! Winter is not a reason to stay indoors; it is a reason to pull out a different set of toys. Gliding along on fresh snow, the sun shining on my face, and skiing off into the distant vista is about as close to heaven as you can get in winter. I’ve also been known to camp out and enjoy a place for a few days, too.

In addition to my personal outdoor activities, I  used to co-host a popular podcast called TheTrail Show (we discussed beer, trails, and nonsense) and guided previously.   In the past, I served as a volunteer board member for the Continental Divide Trail Coalition and try to do other volunteer work when I can.In the fall of 2019  Rock Ridge Press published my first print book.

Though I will (very occasionally) get some free schwag for review, I am not affiliated with any gear company. My favorite manufacturer of gear tends to be military surplus or similar. 😉

I work on and off as a computer geek to pay the bills. I could tell you all about the exciting world of bits and bytes, but I guess most readers of an outdoor blog aren’t too interested in IIS settings, power shell scripting, and web.config files. 😉

Life is good for me. I’ve been on some fantastic adventures and journeys, have great friends, and live in a place I love. What more can a guy ask for? –Mags

ps. Due to having this domain for many years, I am very familiar with the other use of PMags.  Nothing against the product, but please read this article. 😉  My last name and the family nickname has been around longer than polymer mags! 😀

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