PMags is not an ammo dealer! :)

My domain name and nick name share a name with an ammo magazine. Lucky me! 🙂

I’ve told people that when you google PMAGSmy site comes up amidst all the ads for Polymer Mags. I am not overly familiar with firearms to be honest. Never realized it was a type of ammo magazine until a few years ago when I registered the domain.

Anyway, an irate gentleman wrote this Nastygram in my guestbook on an older verison of my site:

Name: John
Location: KY Date: Sat Jan 23 15:11:02 2010
Comment: What the hell is this I Google “PMAG” and get this site. If you are going to use a trade mark name you better at least sell Magpuls product. Freaking tree huggers, the demise of our civilizations.

I am guessing PAUL “MAGS” MAGNANTI aka PMags is a bit too obtuse for this gentleman? 😉

I left the entry because it was too funny!! I The nickname (Mags) goes back to at least my grandfather and I’ve had a variation of for about 15 yrs now. As for the tree hugger bit… Heh. “How to snowshoe” and “Where to pick up Ramen on the Colorado Trail” must be some liberal political agenda. 😉   The family nickname is a tad older than polymer magazines I am guessing!  🙂

In an interesting side twist, looks like the company that makes PMags (the ammo magazine; not the short, bald, Italian looking gentelman) is based in Boulder, CO!

(For a liberal, pseudeo-hippy town, Boulder has some interesting companies:
Soldier of Fortune Magazine, this pmags company, and the largest ah, alternative adult entertainment distributorship in the country and this publishing house that features “The Ultimate Sniper Set”)

PMags (TM) –a freakin tree hugger 😀


Three years later, apparently I should have given up this outdoor liberal hippy stuff. 😉

Fun with Google Webmaster tools. Found this comment on a link to my site. 

“Someone should enlighten this Paul Magnanti character to the potentially lucrative opportunity to re-purpose his self named blog into a search engine that deals only in finding vendors with PMags in stock. He’s probably not a gun guy or entrepreneur or he would have already taken the initiative.”


Folks, should I give up this outdoor shtick and just sell polymer magazines? 😀

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11 years ago

I wondered before if the trail name had a connection, but figured it was safest not to interrogate someone with Italian and ammo connections. 🙂 My suggestion…throw up one of those splash pages like the Breweries have asking if you are 21 or not. On one side have a picture of a polymer mag (with an affiliate link of course as this fortune could fund a few trips) and on the other a picture of you hugging a tree. That way everybody is happy.

Virginia Craft
9 years ago

Polymer magazines are where it’s at! Listen to the folks 😉
Hahaha sheesh!

Toby Getsch
6 years ago

Hey Mags~ I can talk iis settings and web.config files (always make a backup before changing, because those guys like to get changed by other guys) and PoSh scripting—along with polymer mags—all day long. I would rather go hiking and camping. #4x4wknd … It is my non-virtual iisrest to stave off the full system bounce. 😉 It is fun to hug trees sometimes. In short, I hear ya. I am also listening. Best, ~Toby