New volunteer gig – Archaeological Site Stewardship

Joan and I spent the past weekend receiving some volunteer training for becoming site stewards for an archeological site TBD.

We believe in giving back to our community and assisting in maintaining and preserving an important cultural site gives us a unique way to volunteer. Since Joan and I enjoy places off-the-beaten-path, there is a good chance we will receive a backcountry site for our initial assignment.

During the two day program, we had classroom training about public outreach, ethics, and a brief history of the different cultures that make up the Utah area.

And Sunday saw us on a field day where we examined an archaeological site on the outskirts of town. One of our sharp-eyed volunteers found part of a projectile point on the ground.

The training was the main focus of the weekend, but we did get a chance to camp at the nearby Price Canyon Recreation Area.

Conveniently located only thirty-minutes from town, our quite campsite let us enjoy some of the crisp fall weather.

The simple camp kit at our site. And it is puffy pants season! PCO Joan.

We enjoyed the after-class hiking at a trail in the campground the leads to the bristlecone pines and a ridge overlooking Price Canyon.

PCO Joan

An excellent fall weekend and one that will lead to us giving back a bit more to something we love.

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