From the web – Oct 8th

As fall goes into full swing, here are some interesting items from the past two weeks or so.

Black Ridge Canyon Wilderness outside of Grand Junction, CO



. (Tim Johnson/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)


American Museum of Natural History via AP



  • Have you ever thought how cool a floating tent might be without an anchor and where you can’t see outside? Me neither.


Pacific Crest Trail - Old School Style!

PCT trail marker


Mr. Vela’s new guidance directs park staff that “comments to other agencies should be substantive, limited to areas of NPS jurisdiction and/or special expertise, and presented in appropriate tone and format.” The guidance also instructs employees to submit their comments to senior leadership in Washington in advance.


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  1. PCT restrictions for Oregon: Those section hiking under 500 miles (not eligible for PCT permit) will have to get special permits from, with a very limited number issued, for Oregon’s Three Sisters, Mt. Washington, and Mt. Jefferson Wilderness areas. This is being set up for next summer, 2020. Even day hikers are severely limited. The final piece out for public comment is the fee schedule. This new policy is not just for the former limited entry areas (Obsidian, Pamelia Lake) but for the entire wilderness area, even those sections rarely visited. The Draft Decision Notice is here:

    Those eligible for the PCT permit are OK, but there are a number of additional restricted areas where they can no longer camp.

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