Web Site of The Week – ProTrails.com

Looking for good day hike ideas esp in Colorado? Check out ProTrails.com

Fairly often, I receive an e-mail that states:  “What’s are some good day hikes in Colorado?”

More often than not, I can easily rattle of some favorites.

Invariably, though, as I start listing off my hikes, I tend to link to the same site often for more detailed info: ProTrails.com

A site that started off Colorado focused, it now has many day hikes listed for other areas in not just the American West but also in Florida and North Carolina.

It is the Front Range area where I really made use of site quite a bit over the years.

Need some hiking ideas in Golden Gate Canyon State Park or in the Indian Peaks Wilderness?  ProTrails has it.

The site has excellent route descriptions for each hike,  GPS coordinates, a downloadable trail map, trail head info and other misc info that is often needed for hiking logistics (e.g. Are dogs allowed? Do I need a permit?)

If you are new to the Colorado area or just want a different hike, ProTrails.com is a great resource for day hikes.

Check it out!


Website of the Week is something new I am starting. A brief blurb about some favorite websites I’ve used for trip planning, reading, reviews or just whatever I’ve liked! 😀

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