Website of the week: National Weather Service – NOAA

480px-US-NationalWeatherService-Logo.svgWhen planning for a trip, knowing the weather forecast can be advantageous. Having this information is especially useful at this time of the year when the weather can change day-to-day and the weather patterns aren’t as consistent.

There are some general forecasts for zone-wide areas, but sometimes that is not as precise as needed.

So how to get forecasts more accurate for a more specific area? Enter the National Weather Services site under the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) umbrella.

A person can zoom in and “drag and drop” to very specific locations. Planning for a trip as I type, I can see that the lower mountains are a comfortable low 40s this coming weekend. I probably don’t need anything special for shoulder season gear.

But let’s say I had a last-minute ticket to Manchester, NH and wanted to explore my old stomping grounds of the White Mountains?  I see Mt. Washington is a balmy 17F at night. Better bring some warmer gear!

Want to see other areas? Simply zoom out or  in via the map located by the side of the DETAILED FORECAST.  Easy-peasy. Mac N Cheesy.

Note that a person may look by  LAT/LONG coordinates, so very easy to get to a specific place.

This website is one of these neat little sites that make trip planning a bit easier.

Why not use it?


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