Lost Creek Wilderness Rambles

This past fall has been unseasonably warm in Colorado.

Hot and dry and perhaps a little disconcerting.

However, if there is a bonus, the backpacking season is a bit extended in the higher country.

I took advantage of the weather and did an obscure peak that has been on my radar.

Since the weather was so nice, I made a loop out of it and slept out in the cool autumn air at 11,000 or so feet.

Though late in the season, there were still splashes of color to be found.


The standard route to this peak, from the trailhead I took, is a straight forward out-and-back. But, wanting a backpacking trip, I decided to hike up to the ridge and make my way to the peak.

I was not disappointed in my decision.

The climb was continued up to the ridge. I continued along the the fork of a creek.

Since I was ‘schwacking through the woods during elk and deer rifle season, wearing blaze orange would be prudent.

First photo I took of myself in over a year. 🙂

As I moved along,  the fall color continued to be enjoyed.

After a steep climb, a final push was made to the ridge.

I walked along the open and wide ridge and scrambled among the rocks that the Lost Creek Wilderness is known for.

Soon, the summit was reached.

As can been from the register entry, the peak is seldom visited.

On the summit, I could see a sign that despite the warm weather, winter would be here shortly.

The summit area was left. The hike took me further along the ridge. I looked back to where I had just walked.

The ridge continued to be followed. Though I was losing daylight, I was not concerned.  The map showed a flat area in the trees coming up.  Enough water was carried for both the evening and the following morning.

I made camp, ate and soon fell asleep.

The following morning, the ridge walk continued.

An open and rocky area was soon reached. Though I could follow the ridge some more, it would be walking in the trees.  Since I’d be in the trees anyway, I decided to leave the ridge and follow a drainage down to a trail and head back to my vehicle.

After some ‘schwacking through some pick-up-sticks, a trail was reached. My first time on a trail in twenty-four hours.

The walk back was pleasant. Splashes of color could be seen.

Some trail runners were met not far from the wilderness boundary. The first people I’ve seen in twenty-four hours as well. I think my blaze orange regalia may have caused them to do a double take. 🙂

My vehicle was soon reached. A quick drive into the nearby town was made. I treated myself to a late breakfast of chicken fried steak, hash browns, eggs and toast.

Mmm…hot sauce…

I had walked. I spent the nigh outside. It was autumn.  And I was eating a delicious breakfast.

I was happy.

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