Looking over 2015…



Seems semi-mandatory to have a “A Year in Review” type post…so here’s mine.

Life in general

Both my day job career and my part-time/passion career has picked up.

I’ve been a steady contributor to TrailGroove Magazine, somehow helped convince many people that listening to four outdoors people drinking beer can be enjoyable, and have contributed to some other publications as well.

A busy year…

Trip Bullet Points

The year saw my usual camping, backpacking, hiking and even a climb or two.


Some of my trips from 2015 were…

  • A winter backpacking trip in RMNP I helped to guide…  One of the last guided trips Andrew may be doing for a while. I’ve known Andrew for quite a few years now and it has been an honor to assist with the trips he’s conducted. The winter ones in particular are always memorable. (Dropped to below zero this past year!).  Andrew and I have had a good working relationship and, esp on those early morning car rides to the trail, we had good discussions about not just the outdoors but life, marriage and, perhaps most importantly, where the best beer in Boulder may be be brewed. Good luck with the future plans Andrew!

The comments just write themselves!

We even look alike!!! Er..maybe not.

  • The Big Horn Mountains were explored by me. I loved this mountain range and I hope to go back. Seems a little off the beaten path versus other areas. Very beautiful place to spend some time alone.

A view while doing trailwork on the CDT.

The Website

Still surprising to me after all these years, but people seem to enjoy reading my semi-coherent ramblings.

The various Quick and Dirty Guides continue to be among the most popular articles on this site.

Among the new articles, the most popular articles were:

  • Off-Season backpacking destinations in Colorado – An article that I should not be surprised that became popular. Many people want to backpack in Colorado even when it is perhaps not the prime time for the Rockies.  Hopefully this article will help address the questions people may have concerning the window of time that is typically spring and late fall.
  • The Perfect Campsite: A perfect campsite is compared to a good meal: It is hard to define, but you know it when you have it.
  • Champagne Gate – Scott Jurek’s FKT AT:  Though the athleticism is impressive, I find speed hike attempts to be boring. I am not into spectator sports…never mind keeping track of a record on a trail.  But the Scott Jurek incident does show the changing nature of the more well known long distance hiking paths and the conflict between wildness and a more Camino-like experience.
  • My epic journey of self – Poking fun of  a current trend. Mainly writing about an enjoyable and wonderful time in the mountains on a well-known trail with ample guide books, well marked tread, a large social and support network with electronic guides readily available. But then making the journey apparently sounding like something that is equivalent to a conflict during the  US Civil War,  Greek mythological journeys or a Science Fiction adventure. As Dave Barry would say: “I swear, I am not making this up”.  This video sums up this concept well. 🙂

Other Stuff

  • I’ve been having a lot of fun being a regular contributor to TrailGroove magazine.  It is a joy to write for such a top quality magazine.
  • Speaking of Rhode Island and where I grew up, I have a soft spot for this post on Sunday Gravy.

Looking ahead…

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Steve Myers
8 years ago

Well said Paul. Happy New Year!