S24O – Lost Lake

For various reasons, not sure I will make it on a hut trip this coming season.

So I am trying to get out winter backpacking more.

It may just be a quick overnighter. But with a good book, a candle and perhaps an adult libation, it is a good way to relax and get an internal reset.

I did a quick overnighter on New Year’s Day.  Maybe about 10 miles total.

The locals aren’t liking Eldora’s expansion. A slope can be seen in the background.

But most of the crowds were gone by the time I started.

And I had the lake to myself.

Sunset from camp. I forgot to put lithium batteries in my camera. Luckily I had a camera phone.

The ski out was interesting. By 8 AM, people were already at the lake. By 9:30 AM when I was at the car, the small winter trailhead was already backed up along the road. Glad I was leaving for the day…

The following day, the someone and I did a quick ski tour.

Beautiful sunshine, good snow and rolling terrain that my someone enjoyed.

Not a bad New Year’s weekend.


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8 years ago

I am just wondering how you take pictures. Often times my camera and or phone die from the cold. Do you just keep in on you to stay warm? I do much of my hiking in the Adirondacks so its damp. I often wory that I am going to cause more issues with my electronics from condensation than cold if I keep them on me.