Quick Tip: Lithium batteries for cold weather


-from Energizer

When I went backpacking this weekend, I had the foresight to buy lithium batteries ahead of time.

Except for one little thing…I left them on my desk. I forgot to swap them in my camera.

All that wonderful evening light was gone. My camera phone did the trick but no where as well as my now useless DSLR.

I now had a heavy piece of gear that did not work.

Why? Because NiMH and alkaline batteries are terrible in cold weather. I could, temporarily, warm up the camera battery in my hand. But in weather hovering around 10F or less, it would have been futile. And that was during twilight and not even the peak of the cold night.

For cameras, GPS units, some other electronics and headlamps (beware in some lower priced and/or older headlamps however) , lithium batteries are more effective in cold weather.

So, when packing for a winter trip, don’t forget to swap in some lithium batteries.

The lithium batteries are more expensive.

But carrying the bulk and expense of a now useless DSLR is even more so. 😉

(The rechargeable battery gives faster camera response times for three season conditions in my DSLR, otherwis I use lithium batteries in everything else)

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