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In the food article I recently wrote, I mentioned as an option for those who absolutely want to create their own MRE-type setup .

But, more importantly from a backpacking and camping standpoint, you can easily get these small items that can also jazz up a meal in the backcountry.

Hot sauce, sugar packs, mayonnaise, cheese spread, cold and hot drink packets and even creamers for a coffee if so desired among the many items available.  My personal favorite items are small olive oil packets. Much easier to pack than a small bottle.

In addition to the many condiments and food items, has toiletries such as hand sanitizer, tooth paste, dental floss, small sun screen tubes and so on that are perfectly sized for backpacking.

And need to stock a first aid kit be it for solo backpacking or group base-camp outings? No need to  buy a pre-made kit…buy your own supplies as needed. 

All in all, a great site for anyone into the outdoors.

Lots of variety, reasonable prices and the perfect size for trips into and around the backcountry.

So check out out and stock up your supplies.

All in one place and very easy to do.

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