Intro to Backpacking: Part 3 – Deciding where to go: risk management & factors to consider

Part 3 in this series will discuss different factors on deciding where to go including weather, terrain, the ability of the group and goals of the trip, the season, and even the condition of the roads.

I included a pre-trip logistic checklist you might want to use to avoid some of the mistakes I made over the years before I depart on a trip. 🙂


A good NOAA weather app for iOS and Android platforms

And more on the NOAA weather via their web page

How to plan trips

More on ways to use Google Satellite View for trip planning

An in-depth look at the Benchmark Road Atlas

More thoughts on safety, logistics, and adventure pre-trip

And for more beginners info, you can also check out my book – “How to survive your first trip in the wild: Backpacking for Beginners”

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