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Climate is what we expect; weather is what we get. – Mark Twain.  (From KITSAP PUBLIC HEALTH DISTRICT)

When I want to know the weather for outdoor activities, or even in general, the Weather Service provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)  is my “go-to” source.

With a few mouse clicks and types, I receive the weather for an overall area. And if I need more info I can even get point forecasts for some backcountry areas.

It looks like a great day for skiing on Thursday!

On this site, you can also get radar maps, hourly forecasts, and a lot of other information.

However, as with many people, my mobile device is where I tend to get much of my information over a day.

Where is the nearest restaurant? What are some directions? Is it really better than Cats?

No matter what “it” is, I’m gonna say “YES.”

And finding the weather via phone is no different.

I want something quick, simple, and accessible by one click of an app.

And my app of choice?

NOAA Weather International app by Pandamonium Software

This app primarily accesses the National Weather Service info for you and delivers it to an easy to use, accessible, and intuitive form. And with the added bonus that you can utilize the GPS functionality of your phone to get the forecast of your current location.  (All  the Denver screenshots from the Google Play Store)

As far as I can tell, the app has most (all?) of the features people use for the National Weather Service when planning:

Including the useful ten-day forecast:


And, as with the National Weather Website, point forecasts are available as well:

As you can see from my screenshots, this free app is paid for by advertisements. But I find the ads to be non-obtrusive and do not affect my everyday use of the app.

Oh, and if you find yourself traveling the world, the app works for international info via accessing the World Weather Online API.

A bit rainy back in the ancestral village.

The NOAA Weather International app by Pandamonium Software is available for both Android and iOS platforms, I find it easy to use, and it just works. And it is free. (With some features for purchase on the iOS version.)

I can’t ask much more.

EDIT: If you are having technical issues, I have absolutely nothing to do with this app other than being an end-user. I downloaded it myself and no one asked me to do a review. I just thought I’d share it.  It works for me on my Android platform very well. The software author apparently monitors the comment sections on the app pages and can be reached at


10 Replies to “NOAA Weather app by Pandamonium Software”

    1. Hmm. Not sure. Different issues with tecnhology. Could be your OS (Android? iOS?), updates needed, or even other programs you are running. Perhaps write their tech support? They might know of an immediate answer vs. me.

        1. It seems to be a one person company located in Denver with no website or means of contacting the company. If anyone knows of of a way to contact please post it.

          1. Use the comment section on the app page. The person seems to respond. I doubt he reads this blog, though. 😉

            In said comment section: Pandamonium SoftwareOctober 15, 2019
            NOAA recently has had intermittent issues with their data service, which is likely the cause of the issues you’ve been experiencing. Let me know if you are still having issues, and for what location.

    2. Same here, also iOS. Overall reviews on app store are good so probably problem with current release. I’ll assume it will be fixed.

  1. Are you able to get the tabular forecast by hour with the app?
    I use the NOAA website and can usually get within a few miles of a desired location but it’s clunky.

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