Long term review – ALPS Mountaineering Table

I received an appropriate birthday gift about seven years ago: An ALPS Mountaineering Table.

My wife at the time preferred camping in remote areas versus backpacking.  We would often find some dispersed camping locations off the beaten path. And truth be told, I have found car camping to be an excellent way to see areas that aren’t really backpacking destinations.

Dispersed camping requires a little more self-sufficiency. There is no handy water spicket 1  restrooms, tent pads or other amenities associated with established sites.

But there is a reason why I love these lesser known areas!

And among these amenities that are missing and ever so helpful?  A table.

Something simple. But infinitely useful for any cooking beyond a one-burner, “boil and cook” type set up.

There are many options.  Simple fold up card table types,  fabric tables, and similar.

But I like the ALPS brand table instead.


The table rolls up for easy storage in my cargo shelf setup, is quick to set up, and it is sturdy for my stove and the cooking I do in the middle-of-nowhere places.


The table underneath the red chair.

With this simple table, I can make a comfortable camp.

And, yes, I could do the simple boil and cook meals. But I enjoy a good meal, and this type of camping allows me to indulge in this love.  🙂

And when not at a dispersed site this table still comes in handy. My camp kitchen setup is expanded for easier cooking. Grandma Magnanti would approve!

Capitol Reef over Thanksgiving. Free primitive campground in a national park!

And while nearly $90 for a camping table may seem expensive, I do not mind paying money for something that works and complements my kit very well.  And I say this as a guy who enjoys using dirt bagger gear when appropriate!

Seven years later, I can confidently say this table has been an excellent addition to my gear kit.

Overall?  If you go to places off the beaten path, that involve some car camping once in a while, the ALPS Mountaineering Table is a worthy addition to your car camping kit.

Disclosure: This item was given to me as a birthday gift in 2010. 

1. Staying  true to my RI roots. 😉 

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Andy Jung
Andy Jung
7 years ago

We’ve been needing a table. Finally ordered one. Thanks for the gear review!


7 years ago

Thank you for the recommendation! I’m about to pull the trigger on the square version (31 x 31″). While I have a mini-wagon (Toyota Matrix) so could tailgate, I’m reluctant to have food cooking smells lingering where my food is stored at night!

7 years ago

Thanks. I’ve been thinking of getting one recently so this was very timely.