Ripstop Sail Repair Tape : Long term review

from Amazon

Over two years ago I wrote an article on various repair tapes.

For many years my “go to” items have been duct tape in the field and Kenyon repair tape for more permanent repairs.

In the comment section of that article, a reader suggested using ripstop sail repair nylon tape (also called spinnaker repair tape).

Two and a half years later after the initial purchase, and some repairs after this past weekend that inspired this current article, I think I can call this suggestion a success.

The sail repair tape is light, pliable, durable, and the rip-stop nature of the tape itself means it is less prone to tears of its own.  Any repairs I’ve done have held well.

This tape has become a new item that I reach for in my repair kit.  The wider width versus standard outdoor gear repair tape is also advantageous.

Don’t like basic black? This tape apparently comes in many different colors as well.

Overall?  Ripstop sail repair tape has become a valuable item in my repair kit.  A good item to perhaps have in your kit, too.

How to use:

The same directions I wrote two+ years ago also applies to the sail repair tape.

  1. Use a damp cloth to clean the surface that needs to be repaired
  2. Cut any frayed edges off the fabric. In other words, have a clean tear and not a ragged one
  3. Cut the appropriate piece of repair tape. Rounding off the edges is advised as well.
  4. Hold the tear together
  5. Apply tape to tear and place pressure all-over tape, so it seals well
  6. Use an iron on the lowest setting and *GENTLY* apply the iron on the repair tape esp on the edges. If you need to keep the iron on for a longer period, have a thin cloth between the iron and the repair tape.
  7. Voila! You should have a nicely repaired piece of equipment or clothing

In the ideal world, we would not have to do repairs to any of our gear. But the world is not ideal. Repairs are sometimes needed for our gear.  And ripstop sail repair nylon tape is a valuable item to have for these needed repairs.

Disclosure: I purchased this tape from Amazon with my funds.

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7 years ago

Hey there great article. So do you feel the sale tape can replace it all duct taped it in my Backcountry kit?

7 years ago

Will it work in the field (where of course no iron is available)?

7 years ago

I have used sail repair tape a few times and it has worked fine. If it is on something that I will run through the washing machine, I reinforce the edges with some stitching.