Urban Stroll

Snow is not quite what I need it to be in the high country. I am getting over a cold. Time to take an urban stroll.

The high country outside of Boulder does not really have a lot of snow yet for backcountry pursuits.

Which means the foothills are my option.

However, as I’ve mentioned previously, I get bored doing the same hikes over and over again esp when they can be crowded.

I admit it. A failing on my part.  I can’t delight in the simple pleasure of doing something familiar over and over again. At least not to the extent I’d like or need.

The foothills in the Boulder are lovely indeed. But I’ve done them many times. And over the years, more people are starting to think they are lovely, too. 🙂


I could go further afield for something new, but I admit an hour plus drive to hike in open space is not always something that is necessarily appealing esp when the terrain is similar to the foothills so close to my home.

My own desire for something new, while waiting to get some skiing in, is making me restless.

Add that to a cold I am getting over that had me inside all day Saturday, and the word “restless” may be mild.


My someone, noticing how grumpy I was, as I tend to get in these situations, essentially told me to quit my grumbling and get outside. Wise woman that someone.

So I took an “urban stroll”.

Maybe a five-mile walk along the bike paths that wind its way through riparian areas. And a coffee stop with a  hardware store errand in between.

Was it a deep wilderness hike? No.

But it was pleasant. And nice. And just enough to take the edge off the restlessness.


And sometimes that is all that is needed.

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