Something new – Staunton state park

A ten-mile loop in the newest state park in Colorado: Staunton

I have lived in this area of Colorado for almost fifteen years now.

Though I have not done everything there is to do, it is safe to say I have done a fair amount.

And esp during this time of the year, my options are a bit more limited. I could go to my usual haunts in the Golden and Boulder-area foothills, but they tend to be busy.

I find myself looking for new things. Something different to see, experience and explore.

So when a new state park opened up in May of last year, I knew it would be a place  I had to experience at some point.

Staunton state park would prove to be a pleasant choice for the spring time. A nice little gem that I will be back to.  It reminded me quite a bit of Golden Gate Canyon. Another high foothills state park with similar terrain in many cases.

In total, I did about 10 miles and 2500′ gain. A solid day and a great initial foray into the park.

Highlights included pasque flowers just starting to bloom at 8000′ or so:

Aspen groves with views to the mountains. Spring is only starting at 9000′ or so:

Overlooks taking in the panorama of the park and the Rockies in the distance:

And relics of the past. An old mill was spotted. And cabins from when people vacationed here in the 1930s:

Overall, I enjoyed my time here. It was something different. The park plans to improve and build more trails in the years ahead. And it looks like there is some climbing to be had as well.

All in all, a great addition to Colorado.

I have a feeling I will be returning at some point.


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C. Houser
C. Houser
10 years ago

Thanks for the picture of the Pasqueflower. I did a quick trip to lake park in LCW last weekend and saw them blooming up there, but I didn’t know what they were.