Twilight to Moonlight : On-call stroll

Free time is a precious commodity for me.

I am at the point in my day-job where if I am not wealthy, I am comfortably middle class.

I do not want to go beyond a technical track in my IT/Software career and pursue a management role.  This transition would mean less time for what really is not that much more money.

No thanks.

Money is saved, there is no debt, and I make enough money to address my needs and wants.

Can’t complain.

Of course, a trade-off for my field is that once every five or six weeks, I’m on call.

I’m tethered to an electronic leash.

Over the years, I’ve learned to work within these confines.

Can I go out to a remote area? No, I can’t.

But I’ve learned to appreciate, enjoy, and relish the local areas more.

Areas where I can see the first signs of spring, observe the local wetland bird population, and enjoy the views the mountains at sunset. As long as I have a strong mobile phone signal, something can be found to be enjoyed.

As long as I have a strong mobile phone signal, something can be found to be enjoyed.

One such place was gone to Sunday.

An easy trail out on where the High Plains meets the Rockies in east Boulder.

A friend and I went out at twilight.

A simple walk.  Time to stretch out the legs and to let my friend’s dog enjoy some off-leash time.

The hike ended by the light of the full moon.

We lost track of time due to my watch still being set to MST. My friend’s car was also set to MST. Doh! 🙂

But we were able to make a later night happy hour and enjoy a leisurely meal.

If I have to be on-call, there are some far worse ways to spend time.

Part of managing the time bank is making the best use of any time banks funds available.

And an early evening walk on a Sunday with a friend was a wise use of those funds.

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