On an electronic leash…


From Tech Crunch

No outdoor fun for me over this holiday weekend.

As an IT professional (or, an  IT Monkey as I’ve called myself for over 15 years) who is now more senior in his career, I occasionally have to be “on call‘ in case things go south.

So, I am on a six-week rotation where I have to be tied to my phone and a WiFi signal.

Once in a while, I get a wake up call to re-start some websites, look at some logs and perhaps call in other technical teams depending on the issue.

I had the last few holidays without the electronic leash, and the next batch of holidays as well, so I can’t complain too much.

And being a holiday weekend, I suspect most people will not be using our software.

But, alas,  no wildflowers, mountain vistas or remote camping sites.

Some burgers with friends and perhaps some walks in some very local open space will be on tap for this weekend.

Just means the next few weekends will be out and about in the back country.

Of course.



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