Snowshoeing (Gasp!) and A Long Traverse


It is accessible to anyone. It is a great way to introduce people to winter. It can be fun. It is something I used to do a lot of.

Then I discovered (and became decent at) ski touring. I no longer enjoy snowshoeing as much. Find it a bit clunky, not as elegant and just not as fun. And it is something I try to avoid.

It has even become an inside joke of sorts among some of my friends. We have an ongoing commentary about "snowshoe dates". But I'll save that for another post. 🙂

Sometimes though, it is difficult to mix snowshoeing and skiiers. In popular areas (such as Brainard Lake Recreation Area), there are snowshower and skier trails ONLY.

While I will not go on a snowshoe date (I am sure after making this post, I'll eat my words. 😉 ) if I can help it, I will go snowshoeing with close friends.

Josh e-mailed me one day and invited me to snowshoe with the family. Not having any concrete plans and wanting to take it easy, I gladly accepted.

I dug the snowshoes out Saturday morning, drove to Casa Zapin ( Schtub Zapin? ) and off we went to Brainard Lake.

Even at a fairly early hour, it was still busy! CU was due back in class the coming week, the day was gorgeous and sunny and it was one of those perfect Colorado winter days we all love.

Avery rode in high fashion in the kiddie carrier. Traveler had a blast romping through the snow. Mom and Dad loved getting outside. And the goofy "Uncle" tagged along.

The little guy started getting very fussy so we turned around. It was only two miles out..but still an enjoyable day.

Afterwards, Avery showed me his new favorite game: Peek-a-boo! It is amazing how much joy and fun can be had playing "Peek-a-boo" with an 18 month old. Every time I see Avery he seems more and more aware. He is no longer a baby but has become a little boy.

On January 13th a small group (ha!) of 13 of us did the Sourdough Traverse.

This ~13 mile traverse is my favorite ski tour. A point to point trip involving a car shuttle. Rolling terrain, steady climbs rewarded with pristine views and yet another day that was a perfect Colorado winter day: Sunny, dry and crisp. It is no wonder I've grown to love winter so much since I've moved to Colorado!

The day started with everyone loading the gear into the Mag Wag (my pickup truck). The amount of skis lined up said it all!

After climbing up the trail, we reached the high point and enjoyed the clearest day I've ever seen in Colorado. We could see well beyond Denver and far into the Plains.

Joining us for this trip was a fellow AT98 alumni: Marc. Marc is now a proud Dad of baby girl. He is also about to move to Virginia. This weekend was his last ski tour for a while. It was so great he could join us for the outing. The Boulder area is a transitional one; where people move in and then move on as life experiences dictate a time for a change. I'm thankful for anytime I can spend with friends and treasure the memories.

There was a very high "woopage" factor on this trip. Gliding down the hills, making turns and coming as close to flying under my own power (with some help from gravity ;D ) as I'll feel.

I love this long ski tours. It feels like a long day hike on skis. The same feeling of joy, contentment and being immersed in nature. Nordic skiing is simple compared to other winter activities. No expensive lifts, you can get by quite well on used equipment and it is about the experience of being outside.

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