Exploratory Skiing

I wanted to explore something different on skis. Rather than go to places I know well, I wanted to see something a little off the beaten ski path.

My original plan on January 5th was to go to Mammoth Gulch. I last went there in winter 2002. I don't remember much about the area and I was curious to see if ski skills have improved in six years.

Well, we pulled up to the area to see NO PARKING signs everywhere! A lot different than a few years ago. And what we thought was public parking is apparently off limits, too. (Courtesy of verbal notice from a Gilpin county deputy).

So we made a decision; we did an exploratory tour up Moffat (Rollins Pass) Road.

This road leads to Rollins Pass on the Continental Divide. A popular jeep road partway and a popular mountain bike route for up and over the divide to Winter Park as well.

It also makes for mellow ski tour.

On this trip were the Korslunds. True to their nature, they skiied in and Gretchen was in this way cool kid carrier.

The day was nothing special. Just an enjoyable day out with friends to a place I have not seen before.

After doing this trip, more ideas for future ski tours formed! Woo hoo!

On Sunday January 6th a few of us went to Allens Park and skiied up an old road/ski area.

What a great day! Fresh and deep powder, great scenery and another place I was not overly familiar. The climb was a bit long…but more than made up for with an AWESOME ski down.
Next time I come up here, I hope to pop above treeline and hit the ridge.

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