Skiing in the the New Year

Three days of skiing, one day of moving, and quiet New Year's Eve dinner with some friends.

On December 29th a few of us did the same loop I did with the two Wendys previously, except this time in reverse.

It was cold and windy, and not really conducive to lollygagging. It was still a fun trip. Any day on skis is good enough for me!

Terry herring boning up the trail

On December 30th, I organized a mix snowshoer/ski trip to Ouzel Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park. True to form, anytime a snowshoeing trip is organized, may people want to come. Snowshoeing is a great way to enjoy winter without the steeper learning curve of skiing. Winter no longer is time to stay in, but another chance to play.
I still took my skis, though. 🙂
There was constant falling snow and it made for a beautiful day. Skiing in the trees with the skies opening up and with trees heavy with snow made for an awesome day.
Along on this trip was Mark Schultz. As with Terry and myself, Mark also hiked the Appalachian Trail in 1998. In fact, we summited Katahdin together. Mark is now the proud father of a 2.5 month old daughter. He is also about to move to Virginia. I am glad we were able to get a ski in with him before the move!

Alas, no skiing for me on December 31st. I moved to a new place closer to downtown Boulder. The lifting of many boxes of books was a workout in itself! Enjoyed a nice, quiet dinner with the Zapins and brought in 2008 in a mellow and enjoyable fashion.

I did bring in 2008 in the best way possible – skiing in fresh snow with blue skies and sunshine!

Kevin and I showed up at the trailhead to see NO ONE. We skiied up the trail with fresh powder, made it to the highpoint of the Sourdough Trail and enjoyed the views. We had a fantastic ski back and made it to the parking lot by noon-ish. A much different trailhead greeted us! I think everyone started when we ended.

A wonderful way to enjoy the last weekend of 2007 and begin the New Year!


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