Sangree Hut

I love hut trips.

Hut trips combine many things in life I enjoy: Being outdoors in the fresh air, getting together with friends, enjoying good food and wine and just enjoying the simple pleasure of life. I've always thought of hut trips as dinner party with a ski trip attached.

My friend Judy e-mailed me one day and said there was a last minute invite to a hut. Was I interested? My answer was a resounding YES!

On Friday after work, I drove up to Silverthorne and stayed at Mark and Judy's (shared) vacation condo. After a hearty meal and a movie, we all retired to bed.

Woke up Saturday, had an equally yummy breakfast and drove to the trailhead. The Mag Wag is not the best vehicle in snowy and icy conditions as the fishtailing on I-70 proved. :O

But, we made it to the trailhead. Suited up and enjoyed the falling snow and beautiful terrain of the valley.

True to form, once I was into a groove, I just climbed and climbed and climbed at a steady rate.

Before I knew it, the hut was there. Yahoo!

The usual hut chores were immediately done: Stoke the fire, heat up some hot water, sort the gear and settle into a relaxing afternoon.

As we were getting ready for dinner, I enjoyed the play of light in the mountains.

After a relaxing night, we awoke to another glorious day. The possibilities were endless!

Up to the ridge? Into the valley? Explore the fresh powder? The outdoors beckoned.

We skied up to a ridge and enjoyed the views. Rather than risk an avalanche, enjoying the mountains from the saddle seemed a better (and wiser) idea.

After lunch back the hut, we did another ski. This time into the valley, up another ridge, down into the valley and back up to the hut. Phew! Well worth it with all the pristine views and that wonderful quality of light at dusk.

I had to be in work Monday morning, but rather than slog through Sunday ski traffic on I-70, I opted to have dinner at the hut, then ski out at night.

Another wonderful dinner with good company made the stay more than worth it. The sunset was not too shabby as well.

I reluctantly suited up for the ski out. It was an almost full moon, though, and it was beautiful.

The snow glowed, the night was clear and still, the stars were above.

If I had to leave early, it was good night to do so.

After a two hour drive back to Boulder, I went to bed tired but content. And Monday morning? Two strong cups of coffee, I was able to be semi-awake. 🙂

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