Thunder Lake

A very long day of ski touring to Thunder Lake.

During the winter, it was almost 15 miles and ~2300' elev gain with much of the trail barely broken. No matter, it was an awesome day.

The day started with a small group of us (Wendy, Theresa and Dave). We suited up, skied to Ouzel Falls and then the hard part really began: Skiing where people have not been. The breaking of trail was hard work, but the views of the divide were rewarding to say the least.

After a little hunting around for the trail with our navigation shaman (Dave), we made it to the lake that was surprisingly and pleasantly calm.

Patrol cabin at Thunder Lake

We enjoyed the views, the rich chocolate in celebration of Wendy's birthday and had an awesome ski back.
After 15 miles of skiing, I went to Safeway with seemingly all of Boulder! I was hungry enough where I bought a lasagna. Wendy chastised me and said "What kind of Italian are you?!?!?!"

Good point.

I was a hungry one! 🙂

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