Rocky Mountain Get-away

Brainard Cabin is a rustic and historical place located in the Brainard Lake recreation area.

The cabin is a popular place in winter; ski or snowshoe, grab a cup of cocoa and continue the jaunt for the day.

Typically, volunteers will hots the cabin for the weekend. Stoke the fire, make sure there is plenty of hot water for day users, and enjoy the cabin for themselves overnight.

Brainard Cabin (from a previous outing)

On the weekend of February 2nd and 3rd, I had the pleasure of staying in the cabin for a weekend.

My friend Wendy and I skied up later in the morning. I am never on a trailhead that late (11am). Brainard Lake at the hour was a madhouse. I must confess to getting frustrated; people were rude, cutting me off, not letting people back out of spots or turning around. My hands were flying and choice epithets from my Catholic school background (Jesus Christ! Mary mother of God!) were being said. As Wendy said " were steamed!"
Yep. Crowds and less-than-polite behavior make for than enjoyable time.
I parked, suited up my gear and marched up the road in a frankly P.O.'d manner. Met Wendy (who drove up separately as she had to leave VERY early the following morning) and skied to the chosen trailhead.Once we were on the trail, all tensions eased. The ski trails are used conseriably less than the snowshower trails. Gliding along, enjoying the softly falling snow and the company made what was a frustrating experience less than an hour ago into a relaxing outting. It is very hard to stay angry and frustrated once I am outside.

We arrived at the cabin, met the people who were friends of our friend and quickly became acquainted. The fire was warm, the company was wonderful, and our dinner that night was filling. The conversation flowed throughout the night. More contentment.

The following morning, I woke up at 5am. Wendy was participating in a snowshoe race
with our friend Tamra. Though Wendy is not into snowshoeing, she wanted to support a good friend. Rather than have Wendy eat oatmeal, I insisted I'd get up early to make breakfast. More than being nice, I just wanted to lighten my very food filled pack.

So, early to rise I did. Stoked the fireplace and wood stove. Made a batch of strong French roast in the percolator. And enjoyed the quiet and peacefulness that only seems to occur when the rest of the world is still asleep.

Chef Mags at O-Damn-Early in the morning

The breakfast made was stuffed French toast (cream cheese filing with walnuts) covered by a homemade blackberry jam syrup with powdered sugar. Scrambled eggs and sausage. I must say, I am rather proud of the breakfast I made at 10400 feet. Wendy seemed to enjoy the breakfast a bit better than oatmeal.

After breakfast (and another round of coffee for me!), I went to see Wendy off for her ski back to the car. I was envious of her early morning ski as I looked at all the morning light.

Shortly after Wendy took off, the rest of the crew woke up. In true Magnanti fashion, I served the breakfast and made way too much food.

Enjoyed some skiing in the morning towards Mitchell Lake and continued to enjoy the views around me.

Made it back to the cabin, greeted the day users and closed shop for the day.

After an uneventful ski out, made it to Boulder and further enjoyed the weekend by watching the Superbowl with friends. Well, I kinda watched the superbowl. I was more interested in the food than the football game.

A wonderful weekend.

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