Quick Tip: Sun shield for winter camping


-from Camco Automotive

Relectix is well-known trick for getting a little more warmth out of your sleeping pad setup. The construction grade reflectix can be a little bulky however.

A quick, simple, light and very compact alternative is the reflective sun shields that can be bought in any auto parts store or auto parts section of a larger store such as Target.

Simply place the sun shield under your sleeping bag and/or pad setup (some people like the visor on top of the pads others like the visor underneath the pads) and get some precious reflected heat back in your winter setup. I suggest using a truck/SUV one as that size is larger and is a better fit for full-length sleeping pads. ( I’d eschew Mylar emergency blankets as they are thin and will not hold up to regular winter backpacking use.)

No photo of the visor itself. Here’s a photo of a lovely campsite instead.

This article on the Hennesy Hammock page explains the concept in much more detail.  (Scroll to the bottom)

So, if looking for a little more warmth for your winter camping, consider going to the auto parts store as well.

Not only for getting some essentials for winter safety while driving, but also for a quick camping trick, too. More durable than an emergency blanket if you winter backpack or camp on a regular basis, too.

Quick, simple, light, cheap: A sun shield. It works.



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Kira Thornley
Kira Thornley
8 years ago

You may also be able to customize a size at your local hardware store, since they sell the raw material at mine!

Outdoor Tricks
8 years ago

Have you tested it yet? I’m planning on buying one for my camping next week.