Trail Groove Issue 26 – The Winter issue

23205137959_210983c0daA really interesting issue of TrailGroove just came out. One with a decidedly winter focus.

There is a winter backpacking article that I wrote that, I think, is a good primer for this overlooked activity.

Aaron wrote a very thoughtful essay about a weekend trip he took.

Along with the above articles, there are some winter appropriate gear reviews, an excellent article on winter camping in Rainier National Park and even a heart winter dessert I wrote.

All in all, something great to read when getting ready to plan a winter trip!

And for those who do not wish to experience winter, be it up close or in print, check out Erin’s account of her Hayduke Trail thru-hike.



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8 years ago

I finally broke down and took out a paid subscription. I don’t care much for E-readers since I can’t view and read a whole page at once. Too much jumping around and zooming. I much prefer the pdf version. One big advantage of the pdf is that I can print your recipes (usually to another pdf file) and save them for later use.