Backpacking Light: Faces


At Cameron Pass. It was -12F or so out. Either that, I am an extra in a Winter War documentary (Finland vs Soviet Union)…

Backpacking Light has an ongoing series of people in the lightweight backpacking community.

This series, called Faces, “is an interview series that will focus on letting you the BPL reader get to know more about people in the outdoor community.”


The most recent edition of the series has an interview with me.

When reading these interviews about me, it is almost as if I am reading about another person.

Who is this guy that people want to read about?  Why is what he has to say is of interest to other people? 

I have no records that have been set. I have not done anything, truly, out of the ordinary compared to other people I’ve  known.  I am not an expert on gear.

I am just lucky enough to get out when I can.

But then I read a quote from Colin Fletcher. A quote taken from a soon-to-be-released biography.

Colin Fletcher wrote:  “Hell, I’m no better backpacker than the next guy, I just write about it better…”

Being me, I would amend that to “…I just write about it a little better than some and more often than most.”. 🙂

So give the interview a read if you want. Nothing most people don’t know. But perhaps some will find the interview interesting.

You can find the interview here:




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8 years ago

Your enthusiasm and experience is what makes your writing interesting to me. You are no armchair backpacker, you get out and do what you write about. You aren’t on the payroll to promote something we don’t need and when you find something that works for you, you tell us what and why. You get out to see things and enjoy the experience. I don’t see anything wrong with packing food and wine somewhere and having a feast when you get there. I enjoy your writing style and choice of topics. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Mike B.
Mike B.
8 years ago

What!? No mention of your podcast opus “The Trail Show”!