Mt Evans Wilderness Winter Overnighter

The weekend was positively warm in the Front Range of Colorado.

With daytime temps in the 60s in Boulder, the higher country would be a balmy 15F or so at night according to NOAA.

A perfect weekend for some winter camping, if not the best skiing.

There was a loop I’ve been wanting to ski for sometime now.

Alas, the snow conditions meant that the first part of the loop, a road, was a bit melted out even with the yearly winter closure.

Not exactly prime skiing conditions.

Still, the view from the trail head was rather nice.

From the trailhead, I proceeded to ski up the second part of the loop instead.

A single track trail where I had intended to ski down originally.

Though the snow was better on the single track, the trail was still icy. With many rocks found on the trail itself.

Since I did not want rock skis, I sensibly decided to modify my backpacking trip even more.

I skied by the melting snow at the  creek and enjoyed the sight of the high peaks above.

A meadow was soon encountered where I again paused to take in the view and shoot some photos.

As I skied up, the snow did not really improve that much. In fact, it was  a little rockier.

Time to head down. It was not the trip I had intended. But I was still enjoying myself.

I soon crossed another creek on the way down.

It was 4:30 PM. I had perhaps two miles to ski out.

Should I ski out, grab a meal and head home?

As I was skiing back, I noticed a bare patch of ground with lots of pine duff nestled under two trees.

The answer was decided.

I settled in for a relaxing winter evening.

The evening was very warm for January. My book was finished, sleep was caught up on and I woke up to another beautiful, and warm, winter day.

I made the quick ski/hike out (see above about not wanting rock skis) and then drove to the nearby town of Bailey.

My customary chicken fried steak with sunny side up eggs was enjoyed. Naturally,  paired with copious amounts of coffee.

It is Monday. And I wonder what I will do this coming weekend?

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