Quick Tip: Key chain ring for gaiters

A quick, inexpensive and simple way to keep long gaiters on winter boots.

For winter activities involving deep snow, gaiters are a necessity.

They keep the snow out of your boots, help keep your socks and feet dry and ultimately keep you warmer overall.

The problem I’ve found with gaiters is that the hook tends to slide around the boot lace, bunch up the laces or just not stay on that well.

A solution I stumbled upon several years ago is a simple one: a key chain ring.  We all have them in our junk drawer. We are never sure how we acquired said key chains, but they are there.  Spooky!

gaiter1If you look closely, you can spot the Avery beer sticker!


So take one of these ubiquitous key chain rings and attach it to your winter shoe of choice:


My trusty ski touring boots

Attach to the gaiter:


Zip up and cinch down your gaiters.

Go forth and hike, ski or snowshoe!

The gaiters won’t bunch up the laces, slip off and will stay in place rather nicely.


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10 years ago

I do the same on zippers of my winter coats. Wearing big bulky gloves and trying to adjust the zipper can sometimes be difficult in the cold when I don’t want to take off my gloves

10 years ago

Thanks for the tip on using split rings to hook tall gaiters. Excellent idea!