Gear Review: Log House Designs Gaiters

A review of Log House Designs gaiters. Sold at Campmor as Goretex Easy Gaiters II.

Gaiters are another of one those items I don’t think much about but seem to use so much.  They are such a crucial piece of gear for the Nordic backcountry skiing I enjoy.

A good gaiter for winter user should be durable, easy to slip on and off, breathable and keep out the snow.

No muss. No fuss.

For many years, I used a pair of gaiters from Log House Designs  (sold as Campor Gortex Easy Gaiters II) for my initial forays into winter recreation. They  were worn up Mt. Washington, took me on my overnight snowshoe trips and and were worn for my first clumsy attempts at backcountry Nordic skiing.

Tragically, I lost them during a move for my CDT thru-hike.

Replacing them, I went through a few different types. The inexpensive ones would freeze up from condensation.  The higher end ones were overly complicated and more of a hassle (I found them at used sporting goods store..perhaps I was not the only person to have a similar evaluation? 😉 ).

After futzing around for an entire season and not being entirely happy with any solution, I went back to Campor and purchased the same gaiters bought back in the winter of 1998/99.

The gaiters were re-purchased during the winter 2007/2008 and they are still going strong after many seasons of avid use.  Only a little frayed velcro is the only sign of wear  after so many years of hard use.   These gaiters are simple in construction with a single zipper and velcro strip to put the gaiters on. Very useful when adjusting a buckle or lace and the snow is blowing hard!

Normally I do not care for Gortex in clothing, but these gaiters seem to pass the moisture  while keeping out the snow exceptionally well. Not sure of the company’s secret. 🙂

These gaiters are less than $35 from Campor. Though not expensive, the quality is excellent.  As a bonus, they are made here in the USA in Chatham, NH.   Proof that good quality gear can be made in this country and at a reasonable price.


Inexpensive, effective, durable and the only gaiters I personally like to use. Made in the USA and currently avail in any color you want…as long as it is black. 😉  No longer avail as Campor.  Log House Designs still show them for sale in a photo on their website, however.


Rocking the gaiters while skiing at Brainard Lake


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10 years ago

I have used the Easy Gaiter for years. In the East we use them for brush protection, wet grass, rain pant substitutes, and even to add warmth. Not hot. Not sweaty. They really do seem to breath. I have even used them In the rare snowfalls we get in Tennessee. Viva East Gaiters.