PowerLine PowerCup Mobile Inverter

On my recent Ferris Mountain WSA trip, my two friends and I drove up to Wyoming together.

We all had mobile devices that were needed to be charged. Why? Phone calls back home on the way up to Wyoming, road navigation the use of other tools and connectivity needs.

For the multiple charging of devices needed, I pulled something out of the back of the vehicle and everyone plugged in as needed: the PowerLine PowerCup Mobile Inverter.  

Conveniently, and usefully, in the shape of a 16 oz coffee mug, it is a great device for road trips or working on the road (photos, blog entries, writing. Just like one of my favorite website writers. He writes while traveling. ) . Pairs well with my real coffee mug of choice. 🙂


from Amazon.

Besides being portable and easy to use, the device has a built-in fan so it does not overheat. With the USB port and plugs, enough to power a laptop and charge up devices.

I used it for my birthday trip. Since I was both backpacking followed by car camping, have a charged up tablet for some reading was very useful.


With my ever-present Contigo coffee mug I mentioned last year as my gear pick of the year for 2015! 🙂

Besides being useful for road trips, it works well for prolonged road emergencies or at home for disaster preparedness with the battery booster I always have in my car as well.

The inverter plugs into the booster and can charge devices if the power goes out or run a small light if need be, too.

All in all, this sub-$30 Powercup is quite useful.

My friends thought so as well.

Disclosure: I purchased this device with my own funds back January 2013.

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