Gear pick of the year 2015 – Contigo coffee mug

It is that time of the year again. Various magazines, websites and forums  have started giving their gear pick of the year for 2015.

Now, while I have kinda-sorta have started doing that throughout this past year, I figured it is time really pick the one, true and absolute best piece of gear for 2015 as defined here at (which consists of a staff of me….and perhaps a noisy guinea pig who demands a copious amount of green leafy vegetables as I type these documents. He’s also the mascot for a silly little podcast I co-host. But I digress.).


Charlie. The vocal guinea pig….. He is in fact demanding food as I type up a caption about him. Seriously.

Much like my gear pick for 2014, I’ve decided to go with something I’ve used for many years, is part of my daily life and I can’t picture not taking on my outdoor adventures.

The gear pick of the year for 2015? My Contigo Pinnacle coffee mug fromCostco!


Yessirree…at the princely price of $20 for 2 mugs, I get a mug that keeps my drink very hot, locks into thermos mode for some no-spill goodness, is a constant companion on trips to and from trailheads, and is my mug of choice for car camping trips. Sure…a little heavy to take on backpacking trips..but walking up the trail with on a day hike is perfectly fine because you can’t finish that last sip of coffee….


Old mug. But as you can see, this is really something I do. And a few times with my friend Markhamm!

Inexpensive, effective and is with me be it at work, home, in between or on the way to and from the trailheads. And makes a wonderful companion for enjoying some hot chai while enjoying a winter sunset in camp.


Great Sand Dunes sunset over Thanksgiving weekend.

Pairs well with: A pepper and eggs ‘sangwidge’

Where you can find it: Costco, other places online, in my cupboard, cupholder of the car, my desk. Just follow the coffee rings…


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Mike B
Mike B
8 years ago

My wife swears by the Contigo cooler bottle. I can verify that it will keep me in cold water for a 100 mile bike ride if I fill it with ice before I leave and just refill the water as needed. Only drawback is it isn’t soft sided, so I can’t squeeze a stream of water into my mouth. Another great pieceof gear from Costco. 🙂