Over six months later…

I’ve managed to extend the Gift of Time for over six months.

Six months of seeing friends, meeting people I’ve known online in person and meeting all kinds of fascinating people.

And, of course, the many outstanding natural wonders experienced over the months.

One of my favorite moments. Ever.

Due to various presentations in Colorado, weather back East, and family members moving back to Rhode Island, I modified my trip quite a bit.

April 2nd in Rhode Island. No thanks! 🙂 PCO Leo F.

My Southern Tier Road Trip has become more of a Four Corners Exploratory Jaunt.   The weather at this time of the year is ideal.  And there is so much to see!

But soon the weather will warm up a bit too much. And the snowpack, even in this lower snow year, will be too high in the Rockies.

Time to head back East starting in May once I give another presentation.

My East Coast travels will, probably, be more social.  Many people to see and catch up with that I have not seen for far too long.

And the Cahokia Mounds is on the way! From Cahokia Mounds Historic Park.

I then plan on heading out West again for a talk I have in late June followed by some guiding for Andrew Skurka. After that?  In the works is a possible extended backpacking trip for July and to the end of August. Or maybe not. 😉

And then my sabbatical will be complete.  Time to go back to work after almost a year of hiking, backpacking, camping, and enjoying the gift of time. And that is not a joke.  TBD what form that work may take, however! 🙂

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Joan Jarvis
Joan Jarvis
6 years ago

So glad you’re going to Chaokia! I’m pretty sure youll be fascinated.

6 years ago

My youngest son “retired” several years ago. However, the need for money reared its ugly head (need to remodel kitchen and a new car for the Mrs.) so he’s now working 3 days a week (2 in the office and 1 at home) on contract with his former employer. He says it’s a lot less stressful than when he was working full time. If you can, you might want to consider this as an option to avoid getting burned out again. It does help that his wife is working full-time at a job she enjoys, which includes a Cadillac insurance… Read more »