Upcoming Talks – Spring / Summer 2018

Egads! I actually have a speaking schedule!

For those interested, I’ll be giving the following talks in the upcoming months:

My experience hiking near or one the Mexico and US borders over the years.

I… “will speak about the environment and geography in relation to the US and Mexican border. Historical and cultural trends will be discussed. And the grandeur of the natural world will be marveled at regardless of where the boundary line may be on a map.”

A presentation of my recent Walk Across Southern Utah:

Come on down to Montbell Boulder Store and explore southern Utah together!
For thirty-three days, Paul Magnanti walked across the length of
southern Utah from the Nevada to the Colorado borders. In his journey of over 600 miles, Paul explored canyons, backpacked through four national parks, scrambled up cliffs, rafted across the Colorado River, and hiked along mountains to make his way across Utah on a journey through some of the most remote terrain in the continental United States. Unlike more well-known routes such as the Appalachian Trail or the Colorado Trail, this route is undefined. Paul will be sharing his journey through photos and stories from along the way.

  • A Walk Across Southern Utah – Edge of The Cedars Museum – Blanding, UT June 23rd,  TBD

I am very honored to give another presentation on my Utah walk. This time at one of the premier museums on Ancient Puebloan culture in the West.   If you get a chance, check out this museum. An excellent way to wrap up any time spent on the Colorado Plateau. 


If  I am giving more talks in the upcoming weeks or months, I’ll add them here.  If I am in the area, and if you are interested in me giving a presentation for your group or organization, give me a shout. Maybe I can work it in!  The Utah walk seems to have generated a lot of interest.


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