Signs of the times

How we view the wild spaces, and our experience of it, will change.

What is a wild space? What do we expect out of wild areas? Do we, as a society, even want wildness as a whole?

Over the past few months, I saw two literal signs that perhaps demonstrate where society is headed.

The photo below is of old pay phone:

Relics scattered through-out towns and are wry displays of their current status.

When even a basic smartphone with no credit check needed to purchase or use, the utility of pay phones is almost non-existent.

A recent sign displays the 21st-century reality:

People want and expect connectivity.

The placement of the sign is no doubt because where connectivity is active is a common question. The park map also denotes where connectivity is present.

Good? Bad?

All depends on your view.

But these signs of the times do show that expectations are different. And how we approach time spent outdoors will, and has already, change.

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