Into The Maze via packraft

A month ago, Joan and I floated over to The Maze via packraft at Spanish Bottom. A good amount of people had questions about this option. Though I like to read information, I recognize many people prefer more visual references.

So, if you ever wanted to hear a guy with a bit of northeast accent describe how to do a 10-minute float trip, here it is!


The first place to start is the Canyonlands National Park page for packrafting and permit info:

The verbose description on my website:

NatGeo Canyonlands Map for an overview:

Gaia GPS for detailed maps and electronic use:

Kelsey guidebooks for detailed canyon info, history, arc sites, etc:

Packrafts –

Dirtbagger – Intex 200

Budget – – Klymit LiteWater Dinghy Packraft

~~I suggest replacing the oars with some paddles for easier paddling. Here’s a budget version for the budget packrafts. ~~~

Deluxe – Alpacka Scout… 

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Colorado Jones
3 years ago

Based on pictures elsewhere on this site, it looks like you and Joan both use the deluxe Alpacka Scout model. Any experience with the other two? Based on the reviews, my sense is that the dirtbagger model is best limited to those who (1) have proven open-water swimming skills and (2) don’t mind all their gear getting wet or lost if the raft deflates mid-river. As with sleeping bags and other critical gear, my guess is that a packraft is not really the place to take shortcuts on quality.

Colorado Jones
3 years ago
Reply to  Paul Mags

Thanks, Paul! This gives me a little bit of framework to work from. I’ve found some additional sources on Andrew Skurka’s website and, also, it looks like packraft rentals are an option too. On that note, time to get back outside and enjoy Colorado’s great spring weather rather than sitting around on the net planning future outdoor adventures.