A virtual tip jar: My version of shareware

Back in the day, and somewhat still prevalent, you’d download some free software.

If you’d like it and so inclined, you pitch a few bucks to the developer—a type of software known as shareware.

Shareware still exists, but typically you donate some money to get the full version.

But I developed my initial techie chops with a 300 baud modem (look it up !) and spent hours downloading shareware off private BBSs (look that up, too!).  And the software came free regardless if you threw a few bucks to the developer or not.

In 2020, I’ll be starting something similar and making a virtual tip jar of sorts. I am borrowing the idea from well known outdoor writer Chris Townsend.  In essence, if you like what you read and find it useful, feel free to buy me a cup of coffee.  If not, that’s OK, too.

I’ve been sharing my knowledge, musings, and ideas online for almost twenty years now and don’t plan on having any information behind a paywall or making exclusive content for something such as Patreon.   Nothing wrong with doing either of those models if so inclined; I donate a modest amount to services I like as well to sites such as Wikipedia or Archive.org myself.  But it is not a model for me.  (I have less charitable views on GoFundMe pleas done on hiker groups, however!) 

So, if you want to assist with the web hosting, find something useful, or just want to fuel my caffeine habits, you can buy me a cup of joe.

If not?  No worries.

I still plan on waxing the purple and talking about cheap gear regardless.  🙂

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