Following canyons of images

Joan and I originally planned to explore Nine Mile Canyon this past weekend.

A place where we planned to camp with some hiking off the main road. Nine Mile canyon formed a primary travel path for the Fremont, Ute, and Euro-American people. Literature bills the canyon itself as “the world’s longest art gallery.”   

Our interest in this place became further piqued after a volunteer training weekend in nearby Price, UT.

Alas, as we made our way down the canyon, it became apparent Joan did not feel well. We ended our trip early. But what we little we saw tantalized us and we’ll return another time.

We did make use of the time and decided to stop at the excellent USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum in nearby Price, UT.

The state dinosaur of Utah – the Utahraptor! From USU Eastern.

Normally closed every time we go through on a Sunday. Luckily it is open on a Saturday, and the dinosaur exhibits, the pre-Columbian displays, and the exhibit from a local artist, on-premise that day, made an excellent “Plan B.”

If you are driving through Price on the way to or from Moab and Salt Lake City, a couple of hours spent here makes a worthwhile visit.

Some rest, an early night, and Joan felt spry enough for a local hike on Sunday.

The canyon is very much a local favorite. There are no “Instagram worthy” sites that pop.  And, as the crow flies, you are not far from the road.

What it does offer is a feeling of remoteness in a scenic canyon.

Once you turn the corner in the canyon, you feel immersed in a wild area.

And, of course, we saw plenty of evidence of people who came this way before.

I’ve said it many times, I’ve enjoyed my longer walks. But my life would not be nearly as rich if it wasn’t all for these shorter backpacks or even local day hikes. We crafted a life so we can explore these wondrous places so close to home. And we would not have it any other way.

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