Gear review: Booster PAC ES5000 Jump Starter

– from Clore Automotive

In the circle I grew up with, we had a particular upbringing.

Meaning, if you get yourself in a mess, you better figure out how to get yourself out of it, too.

Not that we never lent, or accepted, a helping hand at times.

But ultimately it was up to us to figure out life’s curveballs.

A legacy of that upbringing is perhaps a strong, self-reliant streak.  Previous partners would argue that perhaps there is TOO much of an independent streak. But that’s another story. 🙂

And part of that independent streak is making sure I can get myself back from a trailhead.

One item I purchased more about five years ago is a jump starter pack.


Simply put: If you travel to remote trailheads you should have one of these items.

AAA is not going to come out to some place that needs an atlas to find.  There is a good chance there will be no one at the trailhead with some jumper cables to give you a boost.

The weather gets cold? Is your battery a little older? It is now 6 p.m., it is -10F, and you can’t start the car up?

Guess what?

I hope you enjoy sleeping in the car until the morning comes and it warms up a bit.

The particular model I bought is the Booster PAC ES5000.

It has been a workhorse for myself and others.

My battery died in the parking lot at work after-hours during a cold snap last year. What could have been a hassle turned into a minor inconvenience instead.

But I’ve helped out others at trailheads twice now as well.   I’ve given jumps in town a few times, too.

The pack is robust and with 400 cranking amps,  plenty of juice to start up my 2005 Kia Sorento built on a truck frame even when cold.  It holds a charge rather well. I spot check it all winter, and it is never low.  Obviously, if you have a larger vehicle, you may need a larger capacity pack. Likewise, if you have a diesel vehicle.

There is a 12v outlet so that I can power or charge other devices in a pinch, too.

Other jump starter packs have built-in compressors, longer cables, and other features.

But the Booster Pac 5000 is both compact and reliable.

Not to say other jump starters won’t work.

I just know this jump starter works.

And works well.

If you want to spend $125 on a new pack, rain jacket, shelter or stove, consider purchasing a jump starter instead.

I should also add that there are less expensive ones in the $50 or so range, but for cold weather you’ll want something with higher cranking amps total. Spend a little more money for something with more oomph overall and you are less likely to get stuck when it counts!

A good jumper is an investment for outdoor trips every person should have in their auto kit.

And it will be far more useful in the long run as well.

Caution: Obviously, use care when dealing with anything electrical. RTFM first before you are at a trailhead where it is -10F and you are stuck! 

Disclosure: I purchased this with my funds.

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7 years ago

Timely post. I was thinking of getting one of these for when I go hiking and just for my daily job where I drive around all day. I’ve needed 3 jump starts over a past 2 months and the problem doesnt seem like a simple fix. Glad you like yours. I will probably look into getting this one too. Thanks.

7 years ago
Reply to  Paul Mags

Yeah but I am not sure the cause of my cars sickness so for now treating the symptom is good enough to keep me rolling on four wheels 🙂

Douche P.
7 years ago

Dude I have been eyeing these for years! No more excuses, its time

Douche P.
7 years ago
Reply to  Paul Mags

Well I kid you not I left my lights on at the trail head today, came back to discover my dead battery. Guy in the parking lot didnt have cables, but brought out one of these. I drove off 2 minutes later. I’m sold!

Colorado Jones
Colorado Jones
1 month ago

Just wondering if–eight years after posting this–how your jump starter is holding up. Given that this particular device is still on the market, would you purchase it again today or would you now recommend something else?

Colorado Jones
Colorado Jones
1 month ago
Reply to  Paul Mags

Given the proliferation of lithium batteries in recent years, that makes sense. Gotta love the durability and the reliability of the old school technology though . . .