Gaia GPS map layers – Which ones I use

Gaia GPS makes an excellent tool in the backcoutnry traveler’s kit.
More than even the “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” factor Gaia GPS helps eliminate, Gaia has so many layers and types of maps available on a 5″ mobile device.

But what layers to use? There’s no correct answer, but in this video, I go over the layers that work fo me and why. Additionally, I look over some large scale print map options I enjoy using that complement Gaia GPS, too.

Want to purchase a Gaia GPS subscription? I have a discount program available that saves you some money (and gives me a little filthy lucre):

And the print map options I mentioned:

  • The Sky Terrain Maps work well for much of Colorado, New Mexico, and some parts of Arizona:
  • I’ve grown to enjoy the Latitude 40 Maps for many of the areas around Moab, the San Juans. They cover a lot of the other regions, too.
  • The Tom Harrison maps are the gold standard for California and nearby.
  • Though I think these maps are lacking at times, sometimes the NatGeo TI maps cover many areas
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