Bugling elks and blazing aspen – The La Sals

Before the desert calls, Joan and I wanted to get in another high country trip. A chance to walk along the mountain ridges, hear the elks bugling, enjoy the cool mountain air, and see the mountainsides blazing in autumn splendor.

As is becoming a tradition for us, we brought along one the SCAs (park interns, essentially) that Joan assists in mentoring. A chance to introduce a bit of our backyard mountains here in Moab to someone new to this area.

We did not backpack but instead enjoyed camping at a favorite spot Joan and I’ve enjoyed multiple times. A spot with excellent access to many different hikes once parked at camp.

Much to the chagrin of some hunters, we saw a large bull elk with a group of cows. A majestic animal and one we think we heard bugling near our camp all weekend.

We explored the ridgelines with no wind, some sun, and moderate temperatures. About the perfect day to enjoy the alpine terrain.

The delights did not mean just playing in the alpine terrain. It meant enjoying the woods with all the grandeur of fall color. My favorite, if briefest, of all the seasons.

A quiet night in camp with the typical stunning nighttime display of the Utah night sky brought on our Saturday evening.

Our friend had to leave after breakfast, but Joan and I could not pass up another hike to a peak that’s a favorite of Joan’s and one I’ve yet to climb.

We could see the mountains where we played all summer and the desert floor that beckons in the coming weeks and months.  Our backyard mountains make for a small range. But a range that we never seem to lack in finding new places to see and old favorites to savor.

Joan is sporting the blaze orange appropriate for this time of the year.


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Randy Martin
Randy Martin
3 years ago

Beautiful terrain!