Change o’ plans

It happens.

You plan for a trip. Get excited to go to a place you love. Have some ideas and places you want to see. A perfect drive length is plotted to maximize precious vacation time. And you even have the post-trip libations planned out.

Then Ma Nature intervenes.


Yeah…let me rethink this idea….

It has been a very hectic week.

I was looking forward to New Mexico. I love the Pecos. My post trip  plans included visiting a lesser known Pueblo.  And then having some delicious beer and green chile-based food at a great brew pub in a favorite town.

So it goes.

Luckily I know to plan my own trips. 🙂

I’ll do something for my birthday.  Just not the trip I planned.  But when plans change, sometimes a very memorable trip can happen.

We’ll see what next week brings.

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