Walden Ponds – Bird Photography

I kept it local this weekend for various reasons. I still needed some outdoor time. So the someone and I went to a local bird refuge.

A favorite place in many ways. I have never seen it truly busy.

The place is quiet. There are some pleasant views of the foothills in the near distance. And the birding, as expected, can be exquisite.

The foothills nearby are sexy. With good amounts of elevation gain. Famous trails written about in famous trail running or climbing magazines. And where semi-famous people do more FKTs, train or do obscure things than I  can imagine. Or I care about.

This place? An FKT would be ludicrous.  Binoculars are more common than Cliffs Bars or Goo packets.

It is a place for a stroll of a few miles. Another way to welcome in the change of the new season much like the  wildflowers I welcome every year. 

The vegetation is smelling of new life. The birds are singing their songs of spring.

It is nice. And lovely. And enjoyable.

Mother’s Day. Colorado style.

And sometimes that is enough.

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8 years ago

“And sometimes that is enough”

Love it!