A trip to the Tetons and a change

October has been a difficult month for me both professionally and personally.

My day job has taxed a good portion of my mental energy. Leaving me too tired to write and work on the side jobs I’ve been neglecting.

The weekends have been busy with patching, on-call work and other projects that somehow bled into so-called off-hours.

And lastly, and certainly not least, something that been building for the past two years or so has happened: My wife and I separated.

I could go into the details and the analysis of what happened and why.

But the end point is the same: The marriage did not work out. And it is time to move on.

I moved someone up to her friends’ house in Victor, ID in the foothills of the Tetons.  Over ten hours in a 15′ U-Haul went as well as could be expected when traveling with a soon-to-be-ex-someone and an elderly cat.

Kelly and Jay were beyond kind to me. I enjoyed their hospitality during what must have been an awkward time for everyone involved.

The view from their home up to Teton Pass was enticing. I have not been outside sleeping in the open air and on the ground for a while.  Far longer than I prefer.

Rainy day here in the foothills of the Teton mountains. #wyoming #idaho

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Once everything was unpacked and put into storage, I enjoyed a walk on a nearby USFS trail.

Work done. Took a walk in the nearby USFS lands #wyoming #idaho

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It was not long. And it was not overnight.

But it was what I needed.

Time to enjoy some peace and the simplicity of the woods if for a brief while.

A last bit of fall color in the Teton foothills. #wyoming #idaho

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Ground color was fetching

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Work has been beyond busy. The next two Saturday evenings have more projects. And I am on call over Thanksgiving week. I have lost of the gift of time.

But I have some vacation time coming to me.

I don’t know where I am going. Or exactly what I am doing.

I just know I need to be outside.

My life has changed, if by choice.

Plans I made for the future are no longer quite in place.

I regret nothing from the seven years someone and I have spent together.

But I do know that somewhere a canyon, the mountains or some vast wide open space  calls.

I will hear the leaves crunch underfoot, Smell the last bit of fall in the air. Savor the warm cup of hot chocolate on a canyon rim.

And be outside.

To think.

Or simply just to be.

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Douche P.
7 years ago

Man, sorry to hear that and I hope its all for the better. Take care

7 years ago

Life changes are always difficult — be easy on yourself. And take care.

Devin Quince
Devin Quince
7 years ago

Been there and it is not easy. Let me buy you a beer sometime and if you need a place for Thanksgiving, let me know and I will save you a seat.

Drew Smith
7 years ago

Hang in there Paul, better days lie ahead.

7 years ago

Paul, sorry to hear about your need for a life change. I hope both you and she are happier for it, although I know that will take some time. Peace!